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How to create a popcorn bachelorette party

How to Create a Popcorn Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties, like bachelor parties, are sometimes heralded as the bride's last night of freedom. And the celebrations sometimes take the form of bar hopping or even destination getaways.

But we also love a celebration at home, with the bride's closest female friends and family members. Drinks, snacks, games and comradery in support of the bride. Slumber party bachelorette? We're all in favor of anything that let's us be in jammies. Here then are some tips for hosting the gathering.

Bride to Be - How to create a Popcorn Bachelorette Party

Who, Where and When

Traditionally the maid of honor plans the bachelorette party although that's not a hard and fast rule. In the case of doing it at someone's home and possibly with the guests staying overnight, it makes the most sense to hold it wherever there's the most room. That can be at the home of one of the guests or even at a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Try to check people's schedules as early as possible so that everyone will be available on the date selected. Invite all the women in the bridal party but also any particularly close friends and relatives of the bride. 

How to Create a Popcorn Bachelorette Party - pink and gold themed

Choose a Theme

You can begin the festivities at home and still go out to a nightclub or just stay at home with movies and snacks. Ask the bride what the wedding colors are and choose decorations in those colors. For our example, the bride to be loves gold and pink, and wanted to be celebrated as a princess for the day. So what better way to do that, then with some pink champagne, pink candies and some gold-toned decor with golden colored salty-sweet Kettle Corn popcorn?

Even if you're just staying in, you can still give the bride a sash, crown and mini veil to wear while you all toast to her. Choose fun containers for the foods and sprinkle the table with candies in the wedding colors. 

How to Create a Popcorn Bachelorette Party - pink and gold themed

Set the Drink Menu

Because this is a celebration, it should feature the ultimate in celebration beverages which is champagne. But make it a little sweet and extra special with a touch of cotton candy. Just drop a small amount into each glass before pouring and then top the glasses with a bit more so people can add extra if they want.

Pink Gin Layered Cocktail with Popcorn Shots


Want something with a little more va-va-voom to it? You can also serve a specialty cocktail, like our Pink Gin Layered Popcorn Shots.

These pink gin layered popcorn shots for a bachelorette party are the perfect way to celebrate a bride’s last single night out. The recipe combines the kick of gin, the creaminess of milk, which, in our case, is popcorn flavored milk, and the sweetness of grenadine syrup. And, of course, the layers make it gorgeous to look at and fun.

Make the Popcorn Snacks

Every one of our friends loves popcorn and, chances are, your friends do as well. So we recommend a variety of freshly popped corn. You can find all our gourmet popcorn kernel varieties here.

Gold popcorn - how to make it

Leave some plain but offer a dish of melted butter and a variety of seasonings. Check out our collection of sweet, spicy and savory popcorn seasonings here.

How to make pink popcorn from scratch

We also love making batches of candy coated popcorn in the wedding colors. Check out our tutorials for making the pink popcorn and gold popcorn we used in this party guide.

Decorate the Cake

Because the cake is such a focal point of a wedding, we like having a mini version for the bachelorette.

No need to spend a crazy amount of money here. Homemade using a box mix or from a bakery, a 6" cake with a couple of layers, frosted in white and decorated with some sprinkles and edible glitter can make a big impact.

Grab a 'bride to be' topper from the party store and the cake will automatically look elevated.

How to decorate a popcorn cake for a popcorn bachelorette party

Prep Some Fun Activities

If the guests are staying in for the evening make sure to have some board games, decks of cards and even parlor game starters like Charades. Have a queue of light-hearted wedding themed movies or romantic comedies ready to play. 

Also consider asking guests to write a few thoughts about their relationship to the bride and read them out to the group. It's her special celebration so remember to make her feel like the guest of honor. 

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