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It might be too late for Father's Day delivery, but it's never too late for popcorn! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
It might be too late for Father's Day delivery, but it's never too late for popcorn! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
How to Create the Ultimate Wedding Popcorn Bar

How to Create the Ultimate Wedding Popcorn Bar

We love fun wedding foods that are a little unconventional. Naturally we all look forward to the dessert table but why not set up a wedding popcorn bar as well? Almost everyone loves popcorn and there are so many ways to customize both the flavors and the serving vessels. Here are some tips for creating one for your wedding.

Step 1

Choose a popcorn. It will taste best if it's freshly popped, not out of a bag from the grocery store. Of course we consider our Dell Cove Spices brand the best and we recommend choosing a variety of kernels because each pops and tastes a little differently. Check out our selection HERE to see the differences. Note that you should figure on 1 to 2 cups of popped corn per guest depending on how much other food is being served.

Step 2

Choose your toppings. We've got 10 different seasoning flavors, including sweet, savory and spicy, and offer clear shaker jars that you can decorate with the wedding colors or the bride and groom's names. Check out our selection of flavors HERE.

Step 3

Choose the containers that will hold the popped corn. You can use ceramic bowls, glass canisters, buckets, mason jars, popcorn themed disposable containers, apothecary jars or anything else that fits the vibe of your wedding. We love a variety of different options that will create an interesting and enticing display table. Try tying ribbons in the wedding colors around the containers to tie in the theme and don't forget to include scoops.

Step 4

Choose how your guests will hold their popcorn. We love printing out wedding themed papers and rolling them into cone shapes. You can also provide themed decorative cups or cardboard boxes for your guests to hold as they enjoy their popcorn.

Step 5

Create signs explaining the different flavors and letting guests know they can help themselves as much as they like.

Step 6

Set up the table with a tablecloth, signs, the containers filled with popcorn, shakers filled with seasonings, scoops for people to serve themselves popcorn, containers for people to hold and other toppings such as fun sprinkles and candies.

Step 7

Choose who will be popping the popcorn and making sure the bar is restocked. You can ask the venue to dedicate a member of the event staff or designate a friend or member of the wedding party to help. You can also purchase or rent a vintage inspired popcorn machine or an old fashioned popcorn cart to help with the popping and create a fun ambiance.

Step 8

If you're serving melted butter or chocolate sauce as toppings, use small crockpots to keep those ingredients warm.

Step 9

Don't forget to stock your popcorn bar with to-go bags for those guests who want to take their treat home or as parting gifts. Make sure to provide twist ties for the bags or little cardboard boxes that guests can easily put together. You can also pre-fill bags with popcorn so your guests can easily grab one on their way out.

Step 10

Creating a popcorn bar for your wedding provides the ability to cater to your budget while still providing a fun and tasty treat for your guests. Signage, bags and displays can be purchased or homemade depending on how much money you've allocated and you can have friends and wedding party members help decorate bags and jars to keep costs down. Whether you go rustic and homemade or super high-end, a popcorn bar will please just about every guest.


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