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Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here

Popcorn on the Cob - Poppin' Cobs

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Welcome to a whole new way of popping popcorn! Grown here in Indiana, these kernels stay close to their roots until you pop them.

Our Popcorn on the Cob by Poppin' Cobs brings a touch of rustic charm and fun novelty experience to your movie nights and snack times. Simply place the cob in the included popping bag, pop it in the microwave, and watch as fresh, fluffy popcorn bursts right off the cob. 

This all-natural, single ingredient popcorn is family harvested and naturally dried. One cob makes a full bag of fresh, crunchy popcorn without added salt, oils or other fats. Yum! Comes with microwavable bags and instructions. 

Product Details:

  • Fresh and Natural: Enjoy popcorn in its purest form. Our popcorn on the cob is non-GMO, gluten-free and free from any additives or preservatives.
  • Easy to Pop: Just place the cob in the popping bag and microwave for a few minutes. It's that simple!
  • Fun for All Ages: Kids and adults alike will love watching the kernels pop off the cob.
  • Versatile: Perfect for movie nights, parties, or a unique gift for popcorn lovers.

How does it work?

  • Remove the cob from its packaging and place it in the provided popping bag.
  • Fold the open end of the bag closed 3 times to secure it. Then pop for a couple minutes or so, until popping slows to 2-3 seconds between pops.
  • Carefully open the bag, as it will be hot, and enjoy your freshly popped popcorn right off the cob! 
  • Some of the popped popcorn may stick to the cob, but that can be easily removed with your fingers. While not every kernel on the cob will pop - a natural result of the drying process - the unpopped kernels can be removed from the cob and popped in oil on the stovetop on their own. 

Because Poppin' Cobs are a single ingredient popcorn, they're best enjoyed with a little added salt or other toppings, such as Dell Cove's Kettle Corn, Buffalo Wings or Buttery Garlic popcorn seasonings. 

Try it in this recipe:
How to Make Popcorn on the Cob