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Pink Gin Layered Popcorn Shots

Pink Gin Layered Popcorn Shots for a Bachelorette Party

Our pink gin layered popcorn shots for a bachelorette party are the perfect way to celebrate a bride’s last single night out. The recipe combines the kick of gin, the creaminess of milk, which, in our case, is popcorn flavored milk, and the sweetness of grenadine syrup. And, of course, the layers make it gorgeous to look at and fun.

We think all cocktails need a snack and it’s no secret that popcorn is always our choice. But, in keeping with the pink bachelorette theme, we’re garnishing this drink with our pink popcorn. You can grab the recipe here and be sure to make extra because it’s sweet and salty and irresistible.

The fun of this drink, apart from its tones of pink and cream, is the layered effect. But it’s not hard to recreate. The key to making layered drinks is to start with the heaviest liquid on the bottom and that’s always going to be the one with the most sugar. Grenadine is a non-alcoholic syrup, typically made from pomegranates, used to sweeten cocktails. You can make your own but we vote for just buying some at the supermarket and that will be your heaviest liquid.

Next comes anything creamy which, in our case, is our signature popcorn flavored milk. Because why drink plain when you can add popcorn flavor? The spirit is usually the lightest and, therefore, the top of a layered drink. We went with pink gin both for its color and flavor.

So, what makes the gin pink, you ask? Regular gin is primarily flavored with juniper berries and gives the gin a distinctive fragrance. Pink gins are infused with fruits and/or herbs that give it a tint ranging from light pink to a bluish lavender. The taste of the gin is more complex and, of course, the color is fun.

The final trick to layering drinks is to pour each layer slowly over the back of a spoon. That helps to keep the new liquid floating above what’s already there as opposed to mixing in. It may not be fully precise but the overall effect will be layered and guaranteed to get oohs and aahs from guests. Be sure to serve extra pink popcorn on the side for tasty snacking.

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