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Hosting a wedding popcorn bar? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Hosting a wedding popcorn bar? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

We’ve been working on our new line of custom and DIY popcorn bars for weddings and corporate events, and we’re so excited that it's almost ready to launch! This weekend, David and I will get to see proofs of the photos from our recent product photo shoot. Eeeeep!!

The idea for the new line came about after we had heard from brides (and frankly, a ton of grooms) saying that they wanted to serve something different at their wedding reception – something that guests could munch on either before dinner or afterward, while dancing the night away.

Each person is different – and each client has their own comfort level with handling DIY projects.

Some couples opted to purchase our seasonings in bulk, to put into spice shakers they had already purchased. Other couples wanted the seasonings, but were having trouble finding the perfect seasoning shakers to fit the look of their popcorn bar table – so we helped them find cute shakers in different colors. One company asked us to create an entire popcorn bar line – from custom snack cones to the seasonings and non-GMO popcorn kernels.

Perhaps one of my favorite projects so far has been the rustic-meets-feminine popcorn bar that our friend Tammy and her family created. They send us photos of how they set up a popcorn bar at a relative's recent wedding as their gift to the couple. (How thoughtful, right?)

Tammy made the adorable “Love is Sharing Your Popcorn” and the popcorn bar signs. David and I made the other signs for the seasonings: Savor the Love (White Cheddar), Love is Sweet (Amish Caramel, and our Vietnamese Cinnamon and Spiced Sugar), and Love is Spicy (Salt and Vinegar).

The popcorn bar was a huge success, Tammy said – and here are some tips to make yours successful, too:

  • If at all possible, make sure the popcorn is freshly popped – instead of being packaged and pre-popped, where it can get stale.
  • Get a small crock pot and melt butter in it, so people can drizzle warm (yum!) melted butter over the popcorn. Extra bonus: The butter helps our seasonings stick better.
  • Think outside the box (or bowl) when trying to figure ways to hold your popcorn. Try tin buckets, large Mason jars or even baskets. Going for an upscale look? Try serving your popped corn in champagne flutes.
  • Make sure you have plenty of napkins for your snack-loving guests to wipe their fingers on!

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