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Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Mummy to Be: How to Throw a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Do you have a little boo that’s due near Halloween? Or are you in charge of throwing a baby shower for a pregnant witchy friend that’s expecting a Halloween or close to Halloween baby? If so, we have ideas on how to throw a Halloween themed baby shower.

Of course, you can go full spooky with blood colored non-alcoholic punch and other gory accessories. But we opted for keeping it light and candy filled. Sure, serve some savory finger foods but we all know the point of any Halloween celebration is the candy and goodies.

We’ve filled jars with candy corn, skeleton wrapped chocolates and autumn colored M&M’s. And it goes without saying that popcorn is our favorite treat of all. We put out a big container of it and offer our little individually sized bags of seasonings so that everyone can choose their own adventure. Salted caramel, chocolate caramel and kettle corn for the sweet tooth guests, Buffalo wings and spicy Cajun for those that like a little heat or just good old fashioned white cheddar cheese, dill pickle or salt and vinegar flavors to please everyone.

Since we’re showering the mummy to be, we made mummy Rice Krispie treats. You can make your own, of course, but there’s so much to do that we took a little help from the store. Just unwrap those individual Rice Krispie treats, melt some white chocolate and wrap them up, mummy style. Don’t forget the googly candy eyes.

Of course we did do a little of our own baking as well. Our moist pumpkin cupcakes are topped with cream cheese frosting and a scoop of popcorn. In fact, we went ahead and topped our pumpkin cupcakes with our pumpkin spice popcorn (click here for the recipe).

And did you notice our cupcake toppers? Yup, it’s a pregnant witch. We found these on Etsy along with dozens of other cute topper ideas for a spooky baby shower. We’re kind of obsessed with them. And while we were shopping for toppers, we checked out the large selection of cupcake liners out there. Orange or black would work great but there was no way we were passing up the spiderweb laced liners.

We also believe strongly that every party should include a goodie bag for guests to take home. We filled spiderweb themed bags with popcorn and attached some of our single serve seasoning bags to give to guests. We can’t imagine anybody turning one down. Happy spooky baby shower!

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