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Sparkly Chocolate Popcorn Balls

Sparkly Chocolate Popcorn Balls

The Sparkly Chocolate Popcorn Balls were the result of our collaboration with Anita at the Hungry Couple blog. She whipped up an awards-show season dessert, namely these chocolate popcorn balls that are sparkly from gold and silver glitter sugar sprinkled on these chocolate popcorn balls! This sweet treat is a definite must for your movie night fun or binge-watching TV sessions. We’re making a batch of these to enjoy while watching the red carpet.

One key warning: Making popcorn balls as a popcorn treat can be a very sticky process. It’s also a hands-on kind of kitchen project. So be sure to make these before you put on your fancy dress!

We also suggest using Dell Cove® extra large Mushroom popcorn kernels for this recipe, which pop fat and round – making it perfect for making popcorn balls. We like to make these sparkly chocolate popcorn balls when we were hosting an Oscar nigh. It’s always a fun evening to watch the Academy Awards and see who’s walking the Red Carpet with who and of course seeing those fashions. Who’s wearing who? It’s quite a long show and treats are definitely in order for the evening. And they’re always a hit! Everyone seems to love popcorn, and it is the movies that the show is celebrating, after all!

Also, here’s a bit of popcorn trivia for your movie night fun: While popcorn is typically seen as a snack food today, popcorn used to be enjoyed as a popular breakfast food. Food historians have traced the popcorn-as-a-breakfast-food (kind of like us eating puffed rice as cereal) trend back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In fact, long before the Kellogg family was making corn flakes, some family members started their days with popcorn ground with milk or cream – and called popcorn “an excellent food.” We couldn’t agree more!

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