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Midwestern Sugar Corn

Best Kettle Corn Recipe – How to Make Midwestern Sugar Corn

This is the best Kettle Corn recipe that we have ever known, and it’s super easy to make. Here in Indiana, we call this popcorn Midwestern Sugar Corn – a simple, summer sweet snack is sure to be a home run with your crew. The ingredients are simple – sugar, sea salt, a good oil and great popcorn kernels.

For this recipe, we recommend using Dell Cove® Kettle Corn popcorn seasoning, which you can find here, and Dell Cove® Mushroom popcorn kernels, which you can find which you can find here.

David and I made this recipe for our family’s Sunday movie night tradition, where we are pairing popcorn recipes and popcorn snacks with our favorite films – and this one is always a hit when we’re watching baseball films. What is your favorite summer-inspired movie to watch? For us, here is our Kettle Corn-inspired movie and movie snack pairing suggestion:

MOVIE: Bull Durham (1988). The conversations on the mound. The tricks for getting out of a slump. Which hand to swing with in a fight. “Bull Durham” is a movie that shows the romance and madness of baseball better than any movie ever has, and the cast is spectacular.

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