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White Oreo Popcorn Truffles

White Oreo Popcorn Truffles

Who is up for an irresistibly adorable holiday treat? But does it involve popcorn? Yes, of course it does. In fact, these white Oreo popcorn truffles are filled with it. Have you seen those chocolate truffles that have a hollow center that's filled with popcorn? We ran across some and were immediately interested. That version is just a chocolate shell and we're all in for that but this recipe has a little more oomph.

Oreo truffles are usually just made up of crushed Oreos or other chocolate sandwich cookies combined with cream cheese and then dipped in chocolate. We used peanut butter Oreos because, if it's a choice of peanut butter or not peanut butter, we're choosing peanut butter. If you can't find those, however, regular Oreos will work fine. After we mixed them with the cream cheese, we formed them into balls and stuffed them with popcorn. We used white chocolate to coat them because we were going for a holiday snowman look which explains the carrot colored noses.

Do you have to put little mini Oreo hats on them? No, but, then again, yes. Because look how cute they are. We just used a toothpick and some chocolate to make the faces and they are adorably imperfect.

Give these as gifts, serve them to guests, bring them to a friend's house. Guaranteed to get oohs and aahs and then get eaten.

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