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Spicy Cajun Popcorn

Spicy Cajun Popcorn

We freely admit to being hardcore New Orleans fans. It's been our go-to destination for many vacations and getaways. All things NOLA and Mardi Gras make us happy and that certainly includes the food. Gumbo, crawfish, etouffee, jambalaya? Yes, please to all of those. And the sweets, oh, don't even get us started. We love beignets so much we created a recipe for beignet flavored popcorn (find it here). King cake is a whole obsession so, of course, we made a king cake flavored popcorn too (find it here). We're all in for bananas foster but somehow haven't turned that into popcorn yet. Stay tuned!

Given this little obsession, it's no surprise that a spicy Cajun popcorn seasoning was one of our first products. And when we're settling in to watch a movie, NOLA themed or not, it's probably the flavor we reach for the most. Our recipe for this blend is a salty and spicy flavor kick with all the heat you expect from Louisiana cooking but without scorching your taste buds.

The keys to making really amazing spicy Cajun popcorn are to use our gourmet kernels, pop them fresh and season generously. And the key to making sure all the popcorn is properly seasoned and you don't have naked popcorn and a bunch of seasoning at the bottom of the bowl is to make sure it adheres.

When you pop our popcorn on the stovetop using oil, you already have a good surface for seasoning to stick so the extra butter is optional - but very delicious. If, however, you're using an air popper or microwave popper with no oil, you absolutely need to give the seasoning a way to adhere to the popcorn. Melted butter is the tastiest option but, if you're trying to cut fat and calories, an olive oil mister can also work. Just be sure to get a good coating of spray on the popcorn before adding the seasoning. There are also butter flavored popcorn sprays which allow you to get the flavor of butter but control the amount.

Any of our gourmet popcorn kernels would work fine in this recipe. We used our Rainbow kernels which is a popcorn variety that naturally grows all different colored kernels. You get a classic "corny" taste with a crunchy texture, white when it pops, and with a slightly colored tint in the center, depending on the color of the kernel.

So pour a glass of something refreshing, pick a movie to watch and make a batch of our spicy Cajun popcorn recipe. Let us know what you think!

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