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Popcorn Love Bark

Popcorn Love Bark

Let's talk about making homemade chocolate treats for Valentine's Day. Because, if you're not melting and swirling three different kinds of chocolates together and adding toppings then what are you actually doing? Sure, you can send flowers. In fact, you should send flowers. Flowers are never not a good idea. Jewelry is nice too. And you can buy boxes of chocolates. But it's so much more personal to make the chocolate.

Chocolate bark is one of those recipes that seems fancy and complicated when you see it pre-made but is actually very simple to make at home. You'll need three bars of chocolate. We love including ruby for the red color and white chocolate for the impressive swirl. The third bar is up to you. You can stick with a red and white theme or go for some more traditional chocolate. Milk, semi-sweet or even dark chocolate work great, depending on your personal taste. We think that keeping the white bar in the middle of the pan makes the prettiest swirl effect.

A quick melt in the oven and then start swirling, as much as you want. While the chocolate is still warm and melty, sprinkle on a generous amount of toppings. We love some crunch so popcorn is a must. Then a handful of red M&M's and any fun Valentine sprinkles we've got around. Place the pan in the fridge for a quick set and then break it up. It's fun to get different sizes and shapes. Serve the bark as is or grab some small cellophane bags and a bit of red ribbon to make goodie bags for your Valentines and Galantines.

We used our Dell Cove Spices Cupid Kisses popcorn kernels and popped them on the stovetop. The kernels are a dark red but pop white with a slightly red center and tons of great flavor. Plus the packaging is sexy as hell so we add a bag as part of our gift giving. It goes without saying that you should make an extra batch for yourself, right?

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