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Kettle Corn Popcorn Cupcakes

Kettle Corn Popcorn Cupcakes

These kettle corn popcorn cupcakes are a treat for both sweet and salty dessert lovers. We started with a moist, vanilla base, topped it with rich vanilla buttercream frosting then piled on mounds of crunchy popcorn and finished it with a generous pinch of our Dell Cove® Kettle Corn Seasoning.

You can stop there if you want and the result will be amazing. But we decided that our regular amazing needed to be elevated even further. You can totally skip this step if you don’t want to bother. But if you’re a little extra, like we are, you’ll make popcorn milk to be used in both the cupcake batter and the buttercream frosting.

What? Popcorn milk? Yup, that’s what we said. You’ve heard of cereal milk, where you steep cereal in milk until you get that taste of post-breakfast cereal leftover sweet milk we all loved as kids. This is a similar idea only we intensified the flavor by heating everything up. It’s a simple process where we brought a couple of cups of whole milk to a simmer, added our favorite popcorn, turned off the heat and let it cool. Then we stashed it in the fridge for a day or two. Strain out the popcorn and you’ve got popcorn milk. It makes the whole cupcake recipe a little extra which is how we like it. And for added cuteness, we baked ours in little irresistible popcorn cups.

As wonderful as all this homemade goodness is, though, sometimes you need a shortcut. So if you’re baking up dozens of cupcakes for a kids party and love the popcorn topping, go ahead and use your favorite vanilla cupcake mix and pre-made frosting. We promise we won’t tell.

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