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Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
Funfetti Popcorn Cocktail

Funfetti Popcorn Cocktail

Our funfetti popcorn cocktail recipe uses the flavors of our funfetti popcorn along with some tasty spirits to make a wickedly good drink.

We all know that funfetti is FUN! The trademarked name for multi-colored candy sprinkles has grown in popularity over the 30 plus years since it was developed by the Pillsbury company. Whether you call them rainbow sprinkles, unicorn sprinkles or jimmies, these small, tube shaped confections are just a combination of sugar, shortening and food colors but they are very hard to resist.

These days you can find funfetti sprinkles baked into cakes, adorning the tops of cookies and other baked goods, sprinkled over ice cream and so much more. We love them in our funfetti popcorn recipe (you can find it here) so we wondered what else we could do with those flavors. A cocktail of course.

Funfetti creations are loved by both kids and adults but this particular recipe is definitely an adult treat. It may look like harmless fun, what with those colorful sprinkles on the rim of the glass, but it actually packs a deceptive punch. With two ounces of vodka and an ounce of Amaretto per serving, this drink is guaranteed to take the edge off. It’s balanced by sweet syrup, creamy half and half and whipped cream so the punch can sneak up on you.

Typical funfetti cocktails, or cake batter cocktails, use cake flavored vodka. But we’re pretty big popcorn enthusiasts around here so we decided to incorporate popcorn flavor into the drink. We made our own popcorn flavored syrup and it’s so easy to do. The only hard part is waiting for the flavors to marry together for about 24 hours.

Our funfetti popcorn recipe uses white chocolate so we also used it on the rims of our cocktail glasses. Then we dipped them into a dish of funfetti sprinkles. And, since a good cocktail needs a good snack, we serve ours with a side of funfetti popcorn. How irresistible is that?!

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