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Blue Popcorn

Blue Popcorn for Baby Shower

Learn how to make Blue Popcorn for your baby shower (or wedding shower) – and make blue popcorn party favors and party snacks that really POP! This recipe is simple to make, which I personally appreciate, given how chaotic my to-do list often gets when we’re prepping for a party.

But, fair warning, this popcorn is sweet. I mean, REALLY sweet. It reminds me of the candied popcorn that we used to munch on at the Orange County fair every summer. My friends and I would graze on the rainbow-colored popped corn all afternoon, and then head to the beach to flirt with boys and hang out around the bonfire. Ah, the sweet memories of nostalgia.

If you want to cut the sugar, I would recommend adding a couple healthy pinches of sea salt to the sugar when you make the sugar syrup. Or, one other option is to add a flavor. Typically, I start light – maybe 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon of your flavoring extract or oil – and then build up the flavor if needed. So, you’ll add the flavoring element in the recipe at the same time you add the food coloring.

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