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Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
Birthday Cake Popcorn

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Birthday cake popcorn is our new favorite sweet and crunchy snack. It's hard to resist sprinkles, after all. And if you've seen our Funfetti Popcorn recipe, you know that's true.

So how are the two sprinkle covered recipes different? We used melted white chocolate and sprinkles in our Funfetti recipe. The birthday cake version uses melted marshmallows and white cake mix. Yes, straight from the package and into the hot melted butter and marshmallows.

It comes together as easily as Rice Krispie treats (and just as sticky). And then, of course, we pour on the colorful sprinkles. Feel free to use whichever color or shape of sprinkles you want because there are no wrong ones.

Because the popcorn is the main ingredient here, we want the best flavor and texture so we pop our own. Dell Cove's Movie Night kernels would work great, but we especially love the large, round shape of the Mushroom kernels in this recipe. And we do salt our popcorn but feel free to add another pinch of salt to the mixture after it's coated with the marshmallows.

After you pour the mixture onto a baking sheet to cool and set (note our tip for spreading a bit of oil on your hands to make that process easier), how do you eat this?

You can just leave it on the baking sheet and let everyone grab a chunk. You can break it up slightly and serve it in a large bowl. Or, if you're serving birthday cake popcorn for an actual birthday, you can pile it into cupcake liners and top with candles. How fun is that? We can't think of any kids (or adults) who wouldn't smile if this sweet, crunchy, gooey recipe was their birthday treat.

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