Garlic & Pepper Herb Rub

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  • Garlic and Pepper Herb Rub by Dell Cove Spices and More
  • Dell Cove Spices and More Garlic & Pepper Herb Rub on cooked salmon steak with pepper, herbs, lemon, garlic and olive oil
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  • Is there anything better than garlic and pepper? There is when you add Himalayan sea salt, organic lemon peel, sweet onions and other organic herbs. A coarse-grind spice rub that boosts the flavor of pork, seafood and vegetables - and a little goes a long way.


    Glass jar: 2.5 oz (70g). Jar comes with sifter cap.

    Small bulk bag: 8.0 OZ (230.4g)

    Large bulk bag: 16.0 OZ (460.8g). Both bulk bags are resealable, and ideal for refilling your glass spice jar.

    INGREDIENTS: organic garlic, organic lemon, peppers, organic brown sugar, sea salt, cumin, organic spices. GLUTEN-FREE. NO MSG.

    Cooking tip: There are non-meat uses as well for our Garlic & Pepper Herb Rub, too. It's great on vegetables and eggs, or try stirring some into extra virgin olive oil for an outstanding bread dip. Just be sure to let the spices infuse the oil for at least an hour before serving.

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