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Chamoy Popcorn

Chamoy Popcorn

If you've ever had chamoy then you're saying to yourself, wow, that must be great with popcorn. But if you haven't had the pleasure yet, chamoy is a condiment with a sweet, sour and spicy flavor. Usually considered part of Mexican cuisine, it's made by pickling fruit in an acidic brine. Once the fruit has been removed, the liquid is seasoned with chili powder and reduced to a thicker consistency. 

What kind of fruit, you ask? That depends and the choice affects the flavor of the sauce but apricots, plums and mango are common.

Not everyone agrees that chamoy is Mexican with stories of Chinese, Filipino and even Japanese origins. But in Mexico, the dehydrated fruit that's removed from the brine is sold as a street snack called saladitos.

Thinner chamoy liquids are often sold as hot sauces whereas thicker ones are marketed as dips. And speaking of dips, we have no objection to merely dipping popcorn into a bowl of chamoy. But it's also fun to just bake it on. Yes, we said bake because otherwise you would just have a bowl of wet popcorn.

We used our popular Movie Night kernels, popped them fresh, tossed them with a good brand of chamoy and baked them for 10 minutes in a 300 degree oven before letting them cool. The sauce will adhere better to the popcorn for a slightly less messy snack. Should we serve it with a margarita in a salted, or Tajin rimmed glass? Definitely yes! 

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