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Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here

Red Popcorn Kernels - Butterfly Popcorn

Original price $ 4.99 - Original price $ 83.50
Original price
$ 4.99
$ 4.99 - $ 83.50
Current price $ 4.99

People love the deep, vibrant color of Dell Cove® Ruby Red popcorn kernels - which are perfectly crunchy and have fewer hulls than other red popcorn varieties you can find on the market!

This popcorn pops white, with a dark red center, and is one of our top sellers and a family favorite. Comes with directions of how to pop popcorn by stove top.

INGREDIENTS: Sustainably grown popcorn kernels. Grown in the USA. 

  • Flavor: Mild "corny" taste with a crunchy texture.
  • Smaller kernels that pop on the smaller side, but are very flavorful. Pairs particularly well with our savory popcorn seasoning blends.
  • Pops better in higher heat. We do not recommend using an air-popper for this variety. Pops well in our microwave popcorn popper. 
  • Tree nut and peanut free, as well as legume free. (No soy here!)
  • Unpopped to popped ratio: 1 oz of kernels makes about 1 quart of popcorn.

HOW TO USE: To learn how to make perfect Dell Cove® popcorn every time, please read our tutorial here.

BEST BY: For best flavor, please enjoy your popcorn within 3 years of purchase.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark and dry location. For long-term storage, keep your popcorn in a resealable plastic or glass container and away from direct light. Intense heat and high humidity can shorten the shelf life of all grains (including popcorn), and lead to fewer kernels popping.

RECYCLING: Packaging material is recyclable. Get more information about our recycling program here.