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Red Velvet Popcorn Cupcakes

Red Velvet Popcorn Cupcakes

We’ve noticed that, whenever assorted cupcakes are on offer, the red velvet ones are chosen first. Even more so when they are topped with cream cheese frosting. We can get onboard with that choice but will go one better with our red velvet popcorn cupcakes.

If you love red velvet but are not sure what, exactly, that flavor is, we have the answer. It’s a yellow cake/cupcake base with a hint of cocoa. Sort of a hybrid between a vanilla and a chocolate cake. And that sweet spot in the middle is a crowd favorite for sure.

The original, early 20th century recipe, didn’t include any red food color. It was a chocolate cake that had a red tone due to the type of cocoa powder available at the time. Due to rationing of ingredients during World War II, some bakers started adding beetroot for moisture and the cake got redder as a result. But, somewhere along the line, an extract company started offering recipe cards for the cake and included their own red food color.

These days, red velvet cake is popular throughout the country but it’s still considered more of a southern recipe. In the south you might find it topped with a butter ermine frosting, which is cooked into a paste, but traditional buttercream and cream cheese frostings have become more popular.

We love it in all its forms and, we love it best with a little crunch to balance all that creamy sweetness. So, moist velvet cake, creamy frosting and crunchy popcorn – sounds good, doesn’t it. And the colors are so perfect for a patriotic celebration. Just top with red, white and blue star shaped sprinkles and light a sparkler for good measure.

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