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Popcorn Peanut Butter Truffles

Popcorn Peanut Butter Truffles

Do you love chocolate and peanut butter together? Are you are a fan of sweet and salty together? Then these treats are right up your alley. And if you like a little crunch in the center then we’ve totally got you with these chocolate covered popcorn peanut butter truffles.

The filling is creamy peanut butter mixed with a little butter, salt and powdered sugar. We then fill each truffle with popcorn. And yes, it does actually stay crunchy. Finally the little truffles are coated with melted chocolate. You can use milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate, depending on your personal taste. Finally, we top each truffle with a sprinkling of our salted caramel popcorn seasoning. Sure, you can just use regular sea salt. But we like the sweet and salty flavor of the seasoning and it does go with the popcorn theme. Finally, the truffles take a quick chill in the fridge and are ready to serve.

You get the sweet, creamy, peanut buttery filling. A lovely crunch when you bite into the popcorn and a topping of rich chocolate. It’s like a candy bar in truffle form! Serve it as an after dinner treat for guests or just keep a batch in the fridge for snacking. Our recipe makes about 8 balls but, um, you should probably double the recipe. Or triple it. Let’s just say you’ll be remaking it often.

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