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For Pride Month: Our Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is now ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
Popcorn Ice Cream Sandwiches

Popcorn Ice Cream Sandwiches

Popcorn ice cream sandwiches combine chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream and crunchy popcorn into one amazing sweet treat.

Ice cream sandwiches themselves date back to the start of the 20th century so we all grew up with this frozen summer treat. Two soft, thin, chocolate cake layers with a slab of vanilla ice cream in the middle and they’re still very much around, both in grocery stores and ice cream trucks. And they’re still just as good. But then someone came up with the idea of sandwiching the ice cream between two cookies and we applaud them.

The famous Chipwich can be found everywhere and, not only does it use chocolate chip cookies but the outside edge is rolled in more chocolate chips. It’s not hard to make your own version and it gives us the opportunity to make the recipe even more interesting. We kept the cookies, kept the chocolate chips, kept the vanilla ice cream but added popcorn. Yup, we roll the softened ice cream edge in popcorn kernels for an extra crunch and that popcorn flavor we love so much.

Rest assured that we’ve put these poporn-ized desserts in the freezer to make sure they don’t go soggy. Nope. They actually hold up great.

As much as we love this recipe with a standard chocolate chip cookie, albeit with mini chips, we also think it would be amazing with our salted caramel popcorn cookies. They are sweet, salty, tender and crunchy with popcorn baked right into the batter and dotted on the outside. Thanks to our evil genius experiments, we know that the popcorn does not become mushy. It maintains enough texture to be fun to eat. You can find our recipe HERE or use the chocolate chip cookie recipe below.

Note that our popcorn cookies are slightly larger than the ones in this recipe so just use a smaller scoop. Or, don’t. Make ’em big. Add more ice cream. We’re not judging you.

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