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Popcorn Dirt Cake

Popcorn Dirt Cake

Want a recipe that's insanely delicious, will appeal to both kids and adults and is also extra fun to look at but still really simple to make yourself? Yeah, we thought so. Our popcorn dirt cake fits all those needs and, honestly, we can't decide if it's more cute or more tasty.

The "dirt" is made up of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies. And, if you've seen real dirt, you know it's full of white pebbles. But, of course, popcorn is way tastier. The filling is a delicious concoction of cream cheese, pudding and whipped topping. No baking needed. Just alternate layers of dirt and filling. Then top the final layer of dirt with our popcorn gravel, some gummy worms and maybe a creepy skull or two.

You don't have to serve this in a flower pot but why not, right? It looks great and you can either use one large pot or use mini pots to create individual servings. It's the perfect spooky Halloween treat but we love it year round, maybe without the skulls. Maybe.

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