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Funfetti Popcorn Cake

Funfetti Popcorn Cake

Our funfetti popcorn cake combines a scratch-made version of the popular funfetti cake with our recipe for funfetti popcorn.

Funfetti cakes have been around since 1989 when Pillsbury trademarked the word funfetti and released a cake mix that included the colorful tube shaped sprinkles. Later they also released a ready made vanilla frosting that came with a packet of funfetti sprinkles.

We’re all for ease and convenience and we may have had a few of these cake mix cakes in our time. But for the die hard lovers of all things scratch-made, we’ve also got a recipe for the cake as well as the frosting.

It’s a moist yellow layer cake with the rainbow colored sprinkles mixed into the batter so that they melt a bit during baking and create streaks of color throughout. The frosting is a good, old fashioned vanilla buttercream with more sprinkles mixed in.

The original funfetti cake certainly did not include popcorn but here’s where we definitely improved on that. Our recipe for white chocolate coated funfetti popcorn tops this colorful cake. It’s extra and we love it!

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