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French Apple Popcorn Topped Pie

French Apple Popcorn Topped Pie

Not that there is any wrong time for an apple pie but something about autumn really brings out our craving for it. We love heading to an orchard to pick apples while our heads fill with all kinds of ideas of what we’ll do with our haul. And yes, there’s no question that at least one pie is going to get made. We’ve probably made every variation but this year we went with a French apple popcorn topped pie. A what? French apple pie has a crumble topping instead of a crust. But we went one better by topping the crumble with popcorn. And then we went two better by sprinkling on some of our salted caramel popcorn seasoning. Because more is more where pie is concerned.

One of the reasons we like making crumb topped pies is that there’s no need to fiddle with a top crust. No need to make the two edges meet neatly. No need to look up videos on how to make lattice strips. Just an easy, one-bowl crumb topping that gets sprinkled over the apple filling and baked. And who doesn’t love those crumbs, right? So, here’s a tip if you happen to live with a crumb topping thief…not that we’re naming any names here. Make a double batch. Yup, sprinkle half on top of the pie and the other half on the baking sheet. Cook that one for about 20 minutes and take it out while the pie continues cooking. You’ll have an extra stash of crumb topping to replace on the pie when the thief strikes. Or just hide it for yourself and eat it with ice cream. We’re certainly not going to tell.

At this point we’ve probably talked you into the crumb topping part but you’re still planning to buy a store bought bottom crust. You can. But. Please give our recipe for homemade crust a try. It comes together so easily in a food processor and the taste is so much better that we promise you’ll never go back.

If you’re already on the homemade crust bandwagon but have trouble getting the edges to crimp nicely, here’s our best tip. Roll out the dough circle a couple of inches wider than you need and double it up on the edges. The doubled crust will hold the thumb crimp much better.

Once the baked pie has cooled, we pile it high with freshly popped popcorn and give it a generous sprinkle of our salted caramel seasoning. Autumn on a plate.

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