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Chocolate Popcorn Layer Cake

Chocolate Popcorn Layer Cake

This chocolate popcorn layer cake recipe is a chocolate popcorn treat! Topped with chocolate frosting, popcorn and Dell Cove Spices Chocolate Caramel seasoning.

Our chocolate popcorn layer cake is a true chocolate lovers dream. We baked two rich, fudgy cake rounds and then sliced each in half to create a 4 layer cake. And why all those layers? To fill with frosting, of course! Our homemade frosting is buttery and smooth, using our favorite chocolate. Use milk or semi-sweet depending on your personal taste and then slather it on. Each layer got a generous amount and then we swirled the rest all over the outside.

No need for perfection and a smooth finish. We like the homemade swirl look of this frosting. But, as delectable as this is, we weren’t quite done with it. All that moist, chocolatey fudginess needed a crunch and the choice was easy for us. We never pass up an opportunity to add popcorn to everything. And, of course, we needed to give it a sprinkle of our Dell Cove Spices Chocolate Caramel Seasoning for that hit of sweet and salty.

A masterpiece, right? Well, maybe just one more touch. We grabbed a bar of our favorite chocolate and a veggie peeler. Just run the peeler along the side of the bar and you’ll quickly have curls and shards and fabulous chocolate bits to top this already amazing cake.

Hot tip: Serve this with extra popcorn because you’re going to want to take some of the kernels, run them through the frosting and pop them in your mouth. Oh, you can try to resist but we’re betting you won’t be able to.

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