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Moroccan Caramel Corn

Casablanca Party Snack – Moroccan Caramel Popcorn

Hosting a Casablanca party movie night? Our Moroccan Caramel Popcorn recipe is a spicy-sweet party snack your Casablanca party. This popcorn recipe uses Dell Cove® Cinnamon and Spiced Sugar Popcorn Seasoning – and Indian spices to make a tasty movie party snack.

We have been catching up on all the movie classic lately, and coming up with popcorn and cocktail pairings for many of our favorite films. And Casablanca is one of them. There is so much to enjoy. The tragic love triangle between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is classic. I lovethe luxurious vibe of Rick’s Cafe Americain. Here is a fun movie trivia fact. As exotic as the scenes of Morocco look, the majority of the film was shot at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.

Want a cocktail to pair with this? Get our Casablanca French 75 recipe here. Why the French 75? It is an homage to the movie (and Rick). When Rick’s ex-flame Yvonne shows up at Rick’s bar, he orders a French 75 – a champagne-based cocktail made with gin. Want another bit of movie trivia? The French 75 cocktail was invented by a Scottish barman in Paris, who named the drink after the French army’s field gun used during World War I.

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