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Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
Blood Orange Cake with Blood Orange Glaze

Blood Orange Cake with Blood Orange Glaze

This blood orange cake makes great use of a seasonal citrus treat – and topped with crunchy popcorn and drizzled with blood orange glaze for a sweet and crunchy texture. Blood oranges have distinctly dark colored flesh compared to regular navel oranges and their flavor is more tart and a touch more bitter but with notes of raspberry. The unique taste and appearance makes them highly sought after during their season from early winter to early spring.

Mixing the blood red juice of these oranges with powdered sugar creates the pink tone of the glaze. But you can still get the same (or close!) flavor even when the fruit is no longer in season, by using bottled blood orange juice. After all, this cake is too good to restrict to just one season!

We like baking it in a bundt pan because the center column of the pan helps distribute the oven heat evenly and results in a perfectly baked cake. We also take advantage of that center hole to fill with popcorn before glazing because we love a little crunch in our desserts. When the glaze firms up on top of the popcorn, it creates a candy-like shell that you’ll want more of. But, hey, you can always double the glaze recipe and just pour it over a separate bowl of popcorn.

Hot tip: Serve this with extra Dell Cove® Movie Night popcorn because you’re going to want to take some of the kernels, run them through the blood orange glaze and snack on them. YUM! You can try to resist but we’re betting you won’t be able to.

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