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Apple Pie Popcorn

Apple Pie Popcorn

What’s better than apple pie? Apple pie popcorn! OK, maybe it’s not better. We have a lot of love for apple pie. But we’ll say that it’s at least as good. Plus this yummy treat is way easier to make since there’s no fussy crust involved. Our recipe is both an autumn favorite and a must-make for Pi Day, too. All the goodness that goes into pie like brown sugar, butter, ground cinnamon and apples plus our crunchy popcorn. Instead of the fresh apples you find in pie, we used dried apple chips for extra crunch. And, to go one better for that authentic pie flavor, we also toss in some crumbled graham crackers. Bake for a few minutes and it comes out all warm and crunchy. A snack and a dessert, all in one and your house will smell like pie because of the cinnamon and apples.

You can buy the apple chips, of course. But they’re so easy to make that, once you try, we’re guessing you’ll never buy them again.

What is your favorite autumn, or even Pi Day movie to watch? For us, we like watching holiday classics in the fall and science-focused films when we’re celebrating a math-pun holiday. (If that makes sense.)

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