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Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
We're Shaking Things Up

We're Shaking Things Up

Since Patricia and I started Dell Cove Spice Co.® in 2010, a lot of changes have taken place. Not only has the company grown, but our relationships with customers have expanded by leaps and bounds.

We hear you. We’ve learned so much from all of you – from what you need and want, to what you value when it comes to food and drink. And we’ve been adjusting what we do – and how we work - along the way. Now, we’ve wanted our branding to reflect this shift in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Patricia and I are excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our new company brand and look for our products. Our new name – Dell Cove Spices & More™ - is a better reflection of the broader product lines we create, while still honoring our roots.

Here are a few highlights you can expect to see:

  • We are changing over the packaging of our products. Our BBQ rubs and popcorn seasonings now are in glass spice shakers that feel good in your hand, are easy to use and a snap to refill. Plus, the glass is 100% recyclable – and so is the tin lid.
  • There are bar codes on all of our products, and new FDA nutritional labels on all of our seasonings and popcorns. (Who knew we could get giddy about bar codes and nutritional labels?) We’ll be rolling out the same for our cocktail salts and sugars in the coming months.
  • We’re continuing to develop and launch salt-free, sugar-free and gluten-free seasoning options for our customers – including two new gluten-free popcorn seasoning gift sets. Why? Because whether it’s a health issue you’re wrestling with, or a personal dietary choice, you and your loved ones deserve to be able to enjoy and share tasty food.
  • We’re launching a new line of all-natural baking extracts – with the goal of helping you and the baker in your life make delicious desserts and dishes. All natural, these extracts are fabulous and can be used for adding flavor to cookies and cakes, or spicing up drinks and sauces.
  • Our gift sets now come in black gift boxes that were custom created for us by a Minnesota-based paper company. They’re elegant, gorgeous and made from recycled materials – and also 100% recyclable. And best of all, they’re super functional: No jars banging around as these gift sets travel.



As part of this rebranding, we’re phasing out a number of our older products, retiring some seasoning blends and using up much of our old packaging. For the 2017 holiday season, we’ll be stocking both the seasonings in the new shaker jars and the spice tins, as we make this transition. If you like the tins, keep your eyes open for sales on that packaging coming soon.  


And please know that when these items sell out, they are gone for good.

For us, this new branding isn’t just a cosmetic thing. Patricia and I see this as a reflection of the path we’ve traveled since the company was started. We think it looks great – and would love your thoughts on what we’re doing.


-David Beets

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Diane Wormsley - May 3, 2021

Please don’t do away with the White Cheddar Jalapeno Popcorn Seasoning. It’s my all time favorite!
And I’m out!!!!!

Irina Smirnova - November 3, 2019

So cool! I’m excited and can’t wait to share the love you make with all my friends.

Cheryl Hall - September 25, 2017

So happy for you guys!! This is wonderful news. I am always telling people about your success story with this business. So proud of you both!


Mitzi Adams - September 25, 2017

Love the glass jars! I may very well order the baking extracts. I’m not a big spice user, but will pay more money for real flavorings!

Debbie Ratliff - September 25, 2017

I was happy to have read your article because now I know the different products you sell. I had thought you only done drink specialty sugar and salts. I now know my other options.
Congrats and good luck on your updated name, new packaging and ect.

Jehny Koniditsioti - September 25, 2017


Wish You tons of fun and success!

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