Santa Claus tea infuser - Green and Red Xmas tea pot charm

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What better way to serve your holiday tea than with a Santa Claus tea pot themed tea infuser? Show your love of all things Christmas with this cute tea infuser: This green and red Saint Nicholas teapot charm - it's colored glass, not painted - is small, pretty and yet heavy enough to act as a counterweight to your tea infuser.

Great for steeping loose tea leaves in a cup, mug or teapot. The chain itself is about 4 inches (10cm) long, not including the mesh tea ball or the decorative beads. The silver colored mesh ball is stainless steel, 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter, and the pretty Santa Claus bead is two sided.

It can be used to steep loose tea leaves. It also is great for further straining your favorite tea bags to make the perfect pot of tea. Steeper comes packaged in a gift box, ready for gifting.

Hand wash only. White tea cup not included.

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