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Our popcorn sampler set - with seven different popping corn kernel varieties - is the ultimate snack food and a unique movie night treat! Our clear food-grade cones are the ideal way to explore the subtle flavor differences that our popping corn can offer.

Each cone holds enough kernels to make a large single serving (or a smaller snack to share with friends). You get one cone each of:

Baby White - A crisp texture, mild flavor and few hulls to get caught in your teeth.

Extra Large - Fat and yellow, this is your classic movie theater popcorn, only better.

Midnight Blue - Pops medium, fluffy and tastes sweet. Pairs great with our Kettle Corn topping.

Mushroom - Pops a round, mushroom-style corn that is more dense and compact, and perfect for making caramel corn. We just love how its larger surface area clings to more of our popcorn seasonings.

Over the Rainbow - A colorful mixture of the blue, caramel, purple, red and white corns.

Ruby Red - A deep, dramatic red, like tiny little rubies. When it pops, the corn is white with a subtle yellow hue. The texture is a nice mix of fluffy and crunchiness, and has a very subtle, nut-like flavor.

Royal Purple - A deep, blue-purple color that pops white and has a slight nutty taste.

This kit also comes with:

- Eight (8) popcorn bags - perfect for holding your movie night snacks.
- Directions on how to pop popcorn by stove top. (Though you can use an air-popper with these kernels, they are smaller than most commercially-grown varieties, so they pop far better when you pop them by stove-top.)
- Wrapped in an elegant white gift box.

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