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Personalized Popcorn Sampler - Pick Four Popcorn Varieties

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This Dell Cove® popcorn sampler is a delicious gourmet food gift to create a memorable movie night at home.

These popcorn varieties are grown here in the U.S. by small family farmers using sustainable farming practices. Each popcorn pack holds 1/2 pound of popcorn kernels - and the total gift set will make about 128 cups of popped corn.

Pick 4 (FOUR) flavors from our following list of our popcorn varieties:

CLASSIC MOVIE: large, fluffy popcorn - a classic treat.
MUSHROOM: pops round, perfect for caramel corn.
BABY WHITE: hull-less, tender and a small kernel. A top seller!
MIDNIGHT BLUE: hull-less, slightly sweet, crunchy texture
RAINBOW: colorful mix, fun for a movie night in. A top seller!
RUBY RED: pops white with soft yellow hue. Mix of fluffy and crunchy.

Gift set includes directions of how to pop popcorn by stove top. These popcorn kernels will also pop in an air-popper or a commercial popcorn maker for your home theater fun!

SHELF LIFE: 5 years from purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pick your varieties from the drop down menu on this listing, we will send you four of our top sellers. (Varieties may vary, depending on time of year.)