Fiery Sriracha Seasoning

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  • Fiery Sriracha Seasoning by Dell Cove Spices and More
  • Fiery Sriracha Seasoning by Dell Cove Spices and More used to make Korean slow cook beef tacos
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  • Tangy, smoky and just the right amount of heat, this rub is made for people who enjoy the slow mouth-burn of eating red jalapenos. Best on beef, chicken or fish - though some sprinkle it on grilled corn with mouth-watering success.


    Glass jar: 3.0 oz (85g). Jar comes with sifter cap.

    Small bulk bag: 8 oz (228g).

    Large bulk bag: 16 oz (456g). Both bulk bags are resealable, and ideal for refilling your glass spice jar.

    INGREDIENTS: sea salt, organic cane sugar, organic garlic, red jalapenos, dehydrated tomato powder, citric acid, organic ground rice hulls (to prevent clumping), organic spices, vinegar powder (maltodextrin, white distilled vinegar), organic brown sugar.


    Kitchen tip: Mix a little in with mayo to add some zip to your sandwiches (or when making your own spicy California roll sushi).

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