Fun spice and barware finds from our shop - on sale! From cocktail shakers to fun spice blends, save money and stock your kitchen with treats that will make your cooking and grilling a lot more fun and flavorful.
pumpkin spice popcorn seasoning - all natural organic popcorn seasoning - gluten free

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn Seasoning

from $ 6.95

‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie, and our Pumpkin Spice Popcorn Seasoning blends the savory flavor of organic pumpkin with the richness of seasonal ...

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Magnetic spice tins for DIY magnetic spice rack

Magnetic Spice Tins - Empty Magnetic Tins for Spices

from $ 17.00

Looking for a modern magnetic spice rack - without the rack? Try Dell Cove Spice Co.'s magnetic spice tins - food safe round metal tins - for organ...

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IMPULSE!® Arabesque Silver Rocks Glasses - Set of 2
Sold out

IMPULSE!® Arabesque Silver Rocks Glasses - Set of 2

$ 40.00
$ 20.00

These electroplated modern rocks glasses embody a 1920’s decor vibe, with the silver Arabesque pattern. The ideal mid-weight glasses with walls tha...

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Bullet Shape Cocktail Shaker - Stainless Steel Martini Shaker
Sold out

Cocktail Shaker - Stainless Steel Martini Shaker

$ 35.00
$ 19.50

A modern take on classic cocktail barware, this stainless steel martini shaker is in a classic shape. Easy to hold and easy to use, this is the per...

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bottle shaped cocktail shaker stainless steel martini shaker
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IMPULSE!® Zurich Bottle Shaker (Small) - Bottle Shaped Martini Shaker

$ 30.00
$ 15.00

We love this small vodka (or gin, depending on your brand!) bottle-shaped martini shaker is sleek, sexy and oh so easy to use. This IMPULSE!® Zuric...

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