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For Pride Month: Our Rainbow & Ruby Red Popcorn is now ON SALE! Free shipping on orders $49+. Details here
Garlic Bread Popcorn

Garlic Bread Popcorn

Based on our extensive but completely non-scientific research into this important question, we’ve concluded that everyone loves garlic bread. Sure, we sometimes pass on ordering it because oil and calories and carbs and all those other delicious unhealthy things. But we don’t turn it down because we don’t want it. We always want it. So, we decided to healthify it up a bit by creating a recipe for garlic bread popcorn.

The recipe for making garlic bread at home is pretty simple. Good, crusty bread like a baguette or ciabatta, generously spread with butter and garlic and herbs (parsley, oregano, chives, etc.). Then it’s toasted to make it nice and crispy crunchy. Some people add cheese, some don’t. We definitely do because we love cheesy toasted food. Some people slice it from the top, some slice it diagonally. We have no particular preference just as long as we get that great garlic bread flavor and aroma.

As delicious as it would be, we’re probably not going to be sitting in front of the TV, watching a football game, and eating loaf after loaf of garlic bread. Popcorn, on the other hand, is perfect for that. It’s a whole grain, high in fiber, delicious and filling. No wonder it’s such a popular snack and definitely in our house. So, can we make it taste like garlic bread? Oh, yes, we sure can. In fact, we think you’ll start loving this recipe even before you taste it because the smell alone will make you hungry.

Start with some melted butter. We usually cook and bake with unsalted butter. But if you use the salted kind, try cutting back on the salt in the recipe and then taste to see if it’s enough for you. Then comes garlic powder with it’s wonderful garlic essence. We used plenty of chopped parsley but you can also add oregano or chives depending on what you like. Then a good amount of grated or shredded Parmesan cheese. We’ve also made this with a combination of Parmesan and grated Romano which is a delicious combo. Again, note that Romano is saltier than Parmesan so cut back on the salt you add to the recipe and do a taste test. Once that’s all fully combined, we stir in our freshly made popcorn. We usually reach for our movie theater style but the larger mushroom kernels work great too.

Stir it well to get all the popcorn fully covered in the buttery, cheesy, garlic mixture and then enjoy it while it’s fresh. We can’t tell you not to make a double batch or a second batch because we would fully understand it if you did.

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