Wild and Crazy Popcorn Seasonings Gift Set

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  • Wild and Crazy Popcorn Seasonings Gift Set
  • Wild and Crazy Popcorn Seasonings Gift Set - by Dell Cove Spices and More

Some people think these are crazy flavors for popcorn. Ginger? (Sooo good.) Pickle? Pizza? Pumpkin? Yes, yes and yes. Sure, these are unusual popcorn flavors - which makes this four jar gift set a tasty spice collection for the adventurous snack fan. 

The following hand blended seasonings are included in your box:

Cheese Pizza: 1.5 oz (42.5g) Made with organic cheese and tomatoes, our Cheese Pizza popcorn seasoning gives you the classic margherita cheese pizza flavor. 

Dill Pickle: 3 oz (85g) Nothing satisfies your salty snack craving like the tangy, salty flavor of a dill pickle. Made with organic spices, with hints of garlic and the mouth-puckering taste of organic vinegar.

Pumpkin Spice: 3 oz (85g) Our Pumpkin Spice popcorn seasoning blends the savory flavor of organic pumpkin with the richness of seasonal spices - and is a treat you can enjoy year round. It's like biting into a slice of the best pumpkin pie, but without the crust. 

Zesty Ginger: 3 oz (86g) If you like fresh ginger, you'll love our ginger popcorn seasoning. (Even Confucius would drool.) Fresh ginger is infused into organic cane sugar. The result? A gourmet popcorn treat that is the perfect balance between sweet and savory. 

Comes in a black gift box, with easy-to-follow directions for how to pop popcorn on the stove top and how to use our seasonings. CONTAINS: DAIRY. 


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