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Liven up your margaritas and tropical tequila and gin mixed drinks with Dell Cove Spice Co's superior white margarita salt.

Our Kosher salt has crystals that are perfect for sticking to the rim of your margarita. Or you can grind the salt down into a fine powder, add your favorite peppers or chilis and create your own custom spiced salt. This sea salt is NOT idodized, and there are no no artificial preservatives or anti-caking additives. (Salt, after all, is a perfect natural preservative.)

The 3 oz tin - which is smaller in diameter than a standard margarita glass - has enough salt to rim at least 50 margarita glasses, depending on the size of the glass, the thickness of the rim and how much salt you use. Suggested serving size: 1/4 teaspoon per glass.

Please note: These are not rimming tins, as they are smaller than the diameter of a standard margarita glass. But we give you instructions on how to use the salts - all you need is a plate and a lime wedge - along with some of our favorite margarita recipes. Simply run a lime wedge along the rim of your glass, dip the moistened rim in the cocktail salt, fill the salt-rimmed glass with your favorite margarita drink and enjoy!

The 12 oz bulk bag is resealable, and hold enough salt to rim 200 standard margarita glasses. Serving size: 1/4 teaspoon. Both comes with one of our favorite margarita recipes.

HOW TO: Item comes with directions of how to rim a glass.

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase. 

INGREDIENTS: Kosher flake sea salt, vegetable-based food coloring.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - such as a kitchen cabinet away from heat. To prevent fading, keep away from direct sunlight.

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