Steak Seasoning - classic BBQ dry rub


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  • Classic Steak Seasoning by Dell Cove Spice Co.
  • Classic steak seasoning - gluten free bbq dry rub by dell cove spice co

This classic dry rub is hand mixed, a bit spicy and very peppery. Our take on the steak rub has a rough grind on the spices to make a terrific crust on your steak. There is no MSG in our blend and no artificial fillers - though there quite a bit of coarse sea salt and three different types of peppercorns. This blend is not for the faint of heart!

Each packet holds 1.5 oz of our seasoning, and includes a suggested recipe.

ARTWORK OPTIONS: This spice pack comes with either the Man Artwork or Woman Artwork option, so it can make a fun gift for the man in your life who loves to grill - or the woman who is a fantastic cook.

Ingredients: sea salt, chilis, savory, peppers, ground peppercorn, garlic, organic spices. GLUTEN-FREE.

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