Simmering Spices - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas


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  • Simmering Spices - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
  • Simmering Spices - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
  • Simmering Spices - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas


During the holidays in our house, there will inevitably be a pot warming on the stove, filled with fruit and spices, bubbling away and making the air smell delicious. It's a warm and cozy scent from the simmering spices - or simmering potpourri. Better yet, it always brings a smile to everyone's face the minute they walked through our front door.

Making up packages of our favorite simmering spice blends has become a favorite go-to hostess gift for friends over the years. So we thought we'd share them with you:

We have made up a very limited edition of our favorite blend, and packed the spice blend up in some of David's grandmother's vintage pint-sized Ball and Mason jars, as well as lighter-weight gift bags holding 2 cups of our simmering spices.

SIZE OPTIONS: You can select to receive either:
- One glass pint jar filled with our simmering spice blend, along with directions for how to use them. OR...
- A gift bag with 2 cups of our simmering spice blend.

VOLUME: There is enough of our holiday potpourri spice blend to keep your home smelling festive for days! The best part: You can store your simmering spice mixture in the pot (once cooled!) in the refrigerator, and use it over and over, until the scent has faded.

SHELF LIFE: One year from purchase, but we suggest you use this blend within 6 months to enjoy the spices at their best. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic spices and fruit, including dried apple slices, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice, star anise, and bay leaves. All of the ingredients are edible - there are no chemical oils or flavorings added to this blend.

ABOUT THE JAR: You will receive either a Ball or a Kerr brand Mason jar. Some of the jars are wide-mouthed, some are the more narrow mouth style. All the jars have been sterilized in our commercial kitchen, and have brand new lids and canning rings on them.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location.

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