Patriotic cocktail rim sugar - Red White and Blue drinks garnish

$ 6.45

Be patriotic with your Fourth of July drinks with our Patriotic cocktail rim sugar! This Red, White and Blue garnish for martinis that sparkle like fireworks in the sky. This blend of our Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red and Cloud White rimming sugars will add a delicious touch to the most formal military wedding or casual backyard gathering.

For a fun twist that kids will love, use this rimming sugar on the mouths of Mason jars, fill the jars with lemonade and serve.

INGREDIENTS: Organic sugar, vegetable-based food coloring, artificial food coloring, confectioner's glaze.

Try it in this recipe:
All American Martini

Tin Size: 3 inches x 1 inch. Not a martini rimmer tin.
Serving size per glass: 1/4 teaspoon.

How to use: We include directions and access to our recipe blog with each order. All you need is a plate; a bowl; and something to moisten the rim of your glass. (We recommend using simple syrup.) For step-by-step directions with photos, see our tutorial here.

Shelf life: Two years from purchase.

Storage: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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