Organic Pickling Spices


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  • Organic pickling spices by Dell Cove Spice Co
  • Organic pickling spices by Dell Cove Spice Co

Preserve summer vegetables with our organic pickling spices - an organic spices mix for canning and food preservation. While ideal for cucumbers, this spice blend can be used for other vegetables - onions, beets, green beans, or even making pickled eggs.

The blend is my grandmother's pickling spice recipe, which was handed down to my mom - and handed down to me. Generally, I use about 2 teaspoons per quart jar for pickles, but you can use a lighter hand - or a heavier one - depending on your taste.

WHAT YOU GET: 2 oz of our cooking spices in a resealable bag and instructions for a DIY crafts kit for your kitchen (some of our favorite pickle recipes and a tutorial on canning basics). There is no salt or MSG in our hand-blended mix of whole spices.

INGREDIENTS: Organic ginger, organic allspice, organic dill, organic mustard seed, cracked cassia bark, organic bay leaf, organic coriander, other organic spices.

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