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Hosting a popcorn bar? Love movie night popcorn? Then try our non GMO popcorn kernels in bulk: Our all natural premium popcorn is homegrown, a gourmet treat, and proudly grown in the Midwest. We've now packed our favorite popcorn varieties in bulk bags (13 oz/368g) that  are resealable - so you can make a little, or make a lot, of popcorn at one time.


Each 13 oz bulk bag makes about 15 quarts (or about 65 cups) of popped corn. Each bag also includes directions of how to pop popcorn by stove top. The popcorn kernels will also pop in an air-popper or a commercial popcorn maker.

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It depends on how you like your popcorn. Crunchy and sweet? Fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth? Taste the differences in the different, natural flavors of all of our popcorn kernels.

Baby White - With a crisp texture and mild flavor, we love this popcorn because once it is popped, there are very few of those shell-like pieces that can get stuck in your teeth - known as hulls - that will be found in your popcorn bowl.

Over the Rainbow - A colorful mixture of the blue, caramel, purple, red and white kernels that all naturally grow on the same ear of corn. (Wild, right?) Festive and fun for a party.

Ruby Red - A deep, dramatic red, like tiny little rubies. When it pops, the corn is white with a subtle yellow hue. The texture is a nice mix of fluffy and crunchiness - and one of our top sellers.

Mushroom - When we make caramel corn, this is the popcorn kernel we use. Why? Because it holds the seasoning flavor really, really well. This kernel produces a round, mushroom-style popped corn that is more dense and compact. And because it's round in shape, it holds up very well to being stirred in a pan. (We just love how its larger surface area clings to more of our popcorn seasonings!)


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