Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube


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  • Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube
  • Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube
  • Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube
  • Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube
  • Gourmet Popcorn - artisan popping corn in a gift tube

Everyone loved when great-grandma Emma hosted movie night. It was her popcorn. Movie theater snacks paled in comparison. She would break out a heavy pot and scoop from the canisters filled with popcorn kernels she had grown, plucked and dried from her garden behind the barn. As the oil heated and the kernels popped, our mouths would water.

Family and friends now grow for us some of the same popcorn varieties she once made, along with others kernels that are colorful and incredibly tasty. All non-GMO, all proudly grown in the Midwest.

Each 10 oz tube makes about 10 quarts of popped popcorn. Though you can use an air-popper with these kernels, they pop far better when you made by stove top, just like my grandma did.

Each tube comes with a set of 8 movie-themed popcorn bags and directions for how to pop the perfect popcorn on your stove. 

You can select from the following popcorn varieties:

Baby White - Very mild in flavor, very few hulls.

Black Pearl - Looks black on the outside, but pops white with an occasional gray hue. They tend to be a smaller corn when popped, but they carry more antioxidants than either the red or yellow. The kernels are very tiny, but pop really big and melt in your mouth. Because the kernels are so small, you get a greater number of kernels - and therefore a larger volume of popped corn - per tube.

Extra Large Amish Caramel - Fat and yellow, this is your classic movie theater popcorn, only better. Pops big, with a creamy texture and a mellow flavor.

Over the Rainbow - A colorful mixture of the blue, yellow, purple, red and white corns. Festive and fun for movie night.

Mushroom - The kernel is similar in appearance to the Extra Large - until you pop it. Then, wow! Packed with flavor, this produces a round, mushroom-style popped corn that is more dense and compact. And because it's round in shape, it holds up very well to being stirred in a pan. (We just love how its larger surface area clings to more of our popcorn seasonings.)

Midnight Blue - A deep blue kernel that pops white, has a very subtle sweet flavor and very few hulls. 

Northern Lights - A colorful blend of taste and texture, this popcorn mix harkens to the night sky during an Aurora Borealis. A mix of black, red and purple kernels that pops in shades of white, ivory & pale yellow. Slightly sweet and quite crunchy.

Ruby Red - A dramatic red, like tiny little rubies. When it pops, the corn is white with a subtle yellow hue. The texture is a nice mix of fluffy and crunchiness, and has a nut-like flavor.

Royal Purple - A deep, blue-purple kernel that pops white and is quite crunchy. One of our favorites!

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