Sweet Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Set

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Have a sweet tooth? Try Dell Cove Spice Co.'s sweet popcorn kernel and popcorn seasoning gift set - which pairs our non-GMO popcorn varieties with four popcorn seasonings for a sweet treat.

Each 2.5 oz tin of kernels holds enough for a generous bowl of popcorn, and each seasoning tin will flavor several bowls, so you can continue to enjoy the unique flavors. You also will receive 8 of our movie-themed popcorn snack bags. (The bags are 6 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall and hold about 1.5 cups of popcorn.)

This set includes one 2.5 oz tin each of:

  • Baby White Popcorn Kernels: Very mild in flavor, with very few of hulls to get stuck in your teeth. 
  • Midnight Blue Popcorn Kernels: Pops medium-sized, white and tastes just slightly sweet.
  • Ruby Red Popcorn Kernels: A ruby colored kernel that pops white and has a slight nutty taste. 
  • Over the Rainbow Popcorn Kernels: A festive mixture of our blue, yellow, purple, red and white kernels. 

And one tin each of these popcorn seasonings:

  • Chocolate Caramel - The rich flavor of dark chocolate, blended with the buttery flavor of great caramel, is a terrific combination!
  • Kettle Corn - Brings the taste of the traditional carnival popcorn to your home.
  • Iced Gingerbread - Crispy, crunchy popcorn with all warm spices of the best gingerbread cookie - organic ginger, brown sugar, creamy butter, molasses, nutmeg and other organic spices.
  • Vietnamese Cinnamon & Spiced Sugar - Sweet and spicy, and oh so good!

NUTRITIONAL INFO: We are currently switching over all of our labeling to include nutritional information. (It's part of our rebranding.) Want details on how many calories or carbs our seasonings have? Please pop over to this section of our website. 


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