Buttered Rum Popcorn Seasoning - LIMITED EDITION

$ 8.95

Dell Cove™ Buttered Rum Popcorn Seasoning will turn your boring bowl of popcorn into a Christmas treat. A holiday classic, this limited edition seasoning turns your bowl of popcorn into a decadent treat. We blend the deep flavor of dark rum with an organic butter, brown sugar - rum's raw material - and warm winter spices such as cinnamon.

A classic hot buttered rum flavor spice blend that will make even your microwave popcorn scrumptious! Also try it sprinkled on ice cream or in your tea or coffee.


INGREDIENTS: organic cane sugar, dark brown sugar, natural rum flavor, organic butter, organic cinnamon, sea salt, organic spices. CONTAINS: MILK

Try it in this recipe:
How to Pop & Season Your Popcorn

Glass jars: 1.75 inches x 4 inches. Come with sifter cap.
Resealable bulk bags: 8 oz and 1 pound options come in a resealable stand-up bag that's easy to open and close. Both come with directions for how to pop popcorn on the stove top.

HOW TO USE: Sprinkle our popcorn seasonings onto freshly popped popcorn, as desired. (It will stick better to buttered or lightly-oiled popcorn.) For microwave popcorn: After popping, sprinkle desired amount of popcorn seasoning into bag, close bag and shake firmly, then enjoy. To learn how to make perfect popcorn every time, please read our tutorial here. (It’s a family secret that we’re sharing!)

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location.

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