Blood Orange Cocktail Rim Sugar


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  • Blood Orange cocktail rim sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co
  • Blood Orange rimming sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co
  • Blood Orange rimming sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co

For effortless entertaining, stock your bar with our Blood Orange cocktail rim sugar. This flavored rimming sugar is made with organic sugar, pure fruit juices and other ingredients for a sophisticated balance of sweet and tangy flavor that complements a variety of premium spirits.

Cocktail tip: Dip an orange blossom into the sugar and float the flower on top of your blood orange martini as a drink garnish.

The 2.5 oz tin - will rim up to 50 standard martini glasses or champagne flutes, depending on the size of the glass and how much sugar you use. Serving size per glass: 1/4 teaspoon.

The 10 oz bulk bag will rim up to 200 standard martini glasses or champagne flutes. The 20 oz bulk bag will rim up to 400 standard glasses.

HOW TO USE: We include directions with each order. All you need is a plate; a bowl; and something to moisten the rim of your glass. (We recommend using simple syrup.) For step-by-step directions with photos, see our tutorial here.

TIN SIZE: About 3" x 1". The tins are big enough to dip a champagne flute into, but smaller than a standard martini glass. This is not a martini rimming container. Why? Because with products sold in a martini rimming tin, you end up wasting half of it when the sugar gets gloppy. (And you won't want to waste any of this deliciousness!)

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase.

INGREDIENTS: Organic sugar, blood orange juice and extract, powdered orange, vegetable-based food coloring, artificial food coloring, confectioner's glaze.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator. 

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