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  • Baking Extract Gift Set
  • Baking Extract Gift Set - Dell Cove Spices and More
  • Organic Vanilla Extract - baking cookies in the kitchen - Dell Cove Spices and More

Our Baking Extract Gift Set is perfect for the bakers on your gift list. Extracts for baking are a wonderfully easy way to add flavor to nearly any recipe, as well as useful for flavoring teas, coffee and cocktails. The set - which comes in a sturdy black gift box - includes one bottle each of:

Organic Vanilla Extract - 2.0 fluid oz (59 mL) Our Organic Vanilla extract has an outstanding flavor, and uses certified organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. One tablespoon of our extract equals one vanilla bean. Perfect for adding sweet, creamy notes to baked goods, we also use this extract to boost the vanilla flavor in holiday mulled wine. INGREDIENTS: water, organic alcohol (35%), organic vanilla bean extractives.

Pure Almond Extract - 2.0 fluid oz (59 mL) Our Pure Almond Extract is a baker's best friend and made with the purest oil of bitter almond. The result: Incredible flavor and quality for baked goods. Pairs great with vanilla and chocolate. INGREDIENTS: water, alcohol, bitter almond oil.

Pure Peppermint Extract - 2.0 fluid oz (59 mL) Our Pure Peppermint extract is ideal for making holiday cookies, candy canes and other winter treats. A classic holiday flavor that we use year-round when blending teas and flavoring coffee. (Peppermint mocha, anyone?) INGREDIENTS: alcohol, vegetable glycerine, peppermint oil.

Natural Rum Extract - 2.0 fluid oz (59 mL) Add a warm and buttery flavor with our Natural Rum extract. The delicate flavor is ideal to use in baked goods, homemade ice cream and holiday drink recipes. A little goes a long way (especially when you're making batches of rum balls!) INGREDIENTS: Rum extractives, alcohol (gluten-free), water, natural flavors.

All extracts are gluten free. No added sugars. No artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavorings.


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