Appletini Cocktail Rim Sugar - Apple flavored rimming sugar

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  • Appletini Cocktail Rim Sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co.
  • Apple flavored rimming sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co.
  • Apple flavored rimming sugar from Dell Cove Spice Co.

We love apple martinis - the sweet and tangy flavor, like biting into a fresh Granny Smith apple. If you love making or drinking appletinis, apple-flavored margaritas and cider drinks, you'll love our Appletini cocktail rim sugar. This apple flavored rimming sugar is a blend of organic sugar, vegetable-based food coloring, powdered apple and other ingredients, and adds both sparkle, a soft green sugar rim and a delicious flavor to drinks for your cocktail parties.

Culinary tip: Dip a slice of apple into the sugar and use that as a drink garnish, or to top a cupcake! 

The 2.5 oz tin - will rim up to 50 standard martini glasses or champagne flutes, depending on the size of the glass and how much sugar you use. Serving size per glass: 1/4 teaspoon.

The 10 oz bulk bag will rim up to 200 standard martini glasses or champagne flutes. The 20 oz bulk bag will rim up to 400 standard glasses.

TIN SIZE: About 3" x 1". The tins are big enough to dip a champagne flute into, but smaller than a standard martini glass. This is not a martini rimming container. Why? Because with products sold in a martini rimming tin, you end up wasting half of it.

HOW TO USE: We include directions with each order. All you need is a plate; a bowl; and something to moisten the rim of your glass. (We recommend using simple syrup. Do not use water only - it will dissolve your sugar.) For step-by-step directions with photos, see our tutorial here.

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase.

INGREDIENTS: Organic sugar, vegetable-based food coloring, organic powdered apple, natural apple flavor, confectioner's glaze.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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