Crabtown Cocktail Salt - New England inspired salt

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Dell Cove® Crabtown Cocktail Salt is a flavored drink salt that tastes of in New England, and the perfect blend of seasonings and salt people there use in their crab boils. After a trip to the East Coast, we were so inspired, we started using some of the seasonings to garnish the rims of our margaritas and Bloody Marys. 

We came home and created our own blend that is the perfect balance of savory, spicy and saltiness. Using this spiced salt is so easy: Just spread some salt on a plate, run a lime or lemon wedge over the top of your glass and then twist the rim in the salt.

INGREDIENTS: kosher flake sea salt, celery salt, smoked paprika, bay leaf, mustard, cinnamon, peppers, other organic spices. NO SHELLFISH. 

Try it in this recipe:
Sriracha Bloody Mary

Tin Size: 3 inches x 1 inch. Not a cocktail glass rimmer tin.
Serving size per glass: 1/4 teaspoon.

HOW TO USE: We include directions and a suggested cocktail recipe with each order. All you need is a plate; a bowl; and something to moisten the rim of your glass. (For our salts, we recommend using a lime or lemon wedge, or a flavored cordial to moisten your glass rim.) For step-by-step directions with photos, see our tutorial here.

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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