Spicy Cocktail Salts

Life is too short to serve boring margaritas. Or Bloody Marys. Or martinis or Micheladas, for that matter. Add a twist to your usual drink rimmer with our spicy salts - made with vegetable-based food coloring and organic spices. (Might as well make it a triple!)
Chili Lime Salt - Green Chile and Lime Spiced Salt by dell cove spice co

Chili Lime Salt - Green Chile and Lime Spiced Salt

from $ 6.95

Dell Cove® Green Chile and Lime spiced salt was created after we came back from a trip to Taos, New Mexico. The addictive heat of the chilis, the t...

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Curry Flavored Cocktail Salt - Spiced Saffron

$ 7.95
$ 3.95

Dell Cove® Spiced Saffron cocktail salt will enhance your favorite craft cocktail - and is a terrific staple for your kitchen. Just spread some sal...

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Bloody Mary Spiced Rim Salt, Bloody Mary cocktail salt, spicy flavored salt, foodie bar gift, Spiced Rim Salt, drink rimmer, bloody mary mix

Bloody Mary Spiced Rim Salt - Cajun Bloody Mary salt

from $ 7.95

Dell Cove® Cajun Bloody Mary spiced rim salt is heavily influenced by our time spent in New Orleans: hot, but oh-so-flavorful. It always bugged us ...

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Crabtown spiced cocktail salt by dell cove spice co
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Crabtown Cocktail Salt - New England inspired salt

$ 6.95
$ 4.95

Dell Cove® Crabtown Cocktail Salt is a flavored drink salt that tastes of in New England, and the perfect blend of seasonings and salt people there...

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